Camp NaNoWriMo, 2.0


I’m about to finish my third story with NaNo (I only have about four scenes left to write, but am dragging my feet since I kinda don’t want it to end) and that gives me a really awesome “I did it!” high. It also makes me go all “Oh my god, I LOVE writing, it’s the best freaking thing EVER!”

Which isn’t so bad, because as you might know, I haven’t been writing as much as I should (or at all, actually) since last November. I’ve wanted to use Camp as an opportunity to get myself back into writing and, more importantly, try to set up a writing schedule, even if that means I write just a couple hundred words a day.

That’s where my newest discovery comes in. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I only just now found out that there’s Camp in July! And now guess what I’ll be doing!

I don’t know whether it’s just the excitement of (almost) finishing a story, but I’m crazy motivated right now and already thinking of which story to work on. It’s a tie between two that each have their merits, so I figured, why not ask you guys?

I have the choice between a rewrite and a new story.

The rewrite is a story called Endless Love, that took me about a decade to finish. It’s still just a bunch of scenes in several documents, about 40K words in total, with a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies. The plot is pretty cheesy and dramatic (two high school sweethearts who meet again but have accumulated a lot of baggage in the years they haven’t seen each other) and it’s just a normal romance story that was pretty fun to write. I wouldn’t know from experience, because I’ve never rewritten/edited anything, but I feel (hope?) that it might be somewhat easy to do.

I’m also thinking about choosing Forever Is Not Long Enough, a completely new story. This one would be a little more difficult to write, since it’s a supernatural story, possibly set in the past or a fictional world. The plot would be something like:

Tal “died” when her boyfriend Channing went through his first werewolf transition and killed her; when they meet again, she decides to get her revenge by breaking his heart, but things become complicated when her feelings for him resurface and Jason, another vampire who claims he is her mate, reappears in her life determined to win her back.

Most of the story, including a tentative ending, is outlined, I just need to flesh out the antagonist and a couple of motives, but I think it’d be an interesting challenge.

See my dilemma? I don’t know whether I could pull off writing two stories like I did for NaNo 2014 (both were contemporary romance novels that didn’t need much research and/or building up a supernatural world) so just going with them both seems out of the question. But I really do like both ideas and can’t decide which one to choose.

I know you might not be able to tell me which might be easier for me to do or which idea I could handle working with. But maybe you could help me out this way:

Which of these stories would you rather like to read? (Not that I can promise that they’ll ever be available to other eyes …)

Thanks in advance!


3 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo, 2.0

  1. If you’ve never done a rewrite before, I’d suggest working on that in your spare time, rather than rushing it for JulyCamp! Personally, your new story idea sounds more interesting to me — not to take away from your first romance story. I like to let “old” stories sit and brew because one day, when you’re a more seasoned writer, you can transform them into something truly amazing (:

    But don’t do two at a time! Well, some people can do it, but I feel it runs the risk of multitasking: not being able to put 100% into a project.

    Good luck and happy writing!

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    • Thanks for your input! I do admit that I didn’t spend much time making the romance story sound very interesting – it didn’t even get its own summary! xD
      My only worry about (re)writing in my spare time is that, usually, it … well, doesn’t happen. I either don’t find the time or don’t have enough motivation. BUT I hope that’ll change after this month! 🙂

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      • After Camp, it’s totally normal and okay to take a break! Every writer is different though, so I like to suggest to fellow nano-ers that Camp is a great way to figure out your own pace and style. 50k in November can be done, but it is exhausting!

        Anyways, I know you’ll find the time and motivation to rewrite! Give it some more time to brew if necessary. You’re always improving your writing so the longer it sits, the better odds it has for the rewrite! It’s totally different from writing that first draft. Motivation is essential (: Good luck!


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