Excerpt from “Through It All”*

*Formerly known as “Endless Love”

I’m about 89% decided on writing Forever Is Not Long Enough for Camp NaNoWriMo in July. The other 11% is mainly the ever-present doubt whether I’ll be able to pull it off, not to mention whether I’ll have enough ideas and plot to write my first ever supernatural story. But that’s another problem for another post (maybe.)

It wouldn’t hurt starting to prep FINLE now, what with all the worldbuilding, character profiling and outlining I have to do, but I decided to dabble with Through It All, one of my completed first drafts that was option two of the Great Debate of What to Write During Camp (I wrote about it here.)

The result of a couple of days of thinking, mentally rewriting and actual writing is a 265-word scene or something. I say “or something” because I don’t actually know what it is. It could be a prologue or prelude to the story, or just some sort of journal entry. At this point, I can’t say whether it’ll be included in the final draft, but it did give me some insight into how the plot will be going (as I realized the original plot wouldn’t work and decided to change most of it) and into the female protagonist, Lilly.

I debated whether to share it or not, but I figured it would be good practice for whenever I decide to post a story (or several) online, which is a vague objective of mine.

So here it is, the scene-or-something. I hope you like it! 🙂


I can’t remember a time when Chriss wasn’t there.

He was 18 months old when I was born, so his presence in my life was true in the literal sense, but also in so many other ways.

He and his sister Hannah were like fixed features since the very beginning, and all memories of my childhood include one or both of them.

While Hannah was my best friend, Chriss was so much more. He was the one who was always there, who taught me how to ride a bike and climb trees, who defended me against neighborhood kids who teased me. He was the one who gave me my first kiss, long before we knew the significance of it, and the one I could turn to for comforting hugs and a shoulder to cry on.

No one was surprised when he and I fell in love. I’d always loved him, in a way you can only love someone who truly understands you and supports you and accepts you for who you are. I suppose it was only logical that I would come to love him as a woman loves a man.

He made me smile and sometimes he made me so angry I wanted to shout at him until he went deaf, but through all the ups and downs, he made me happy. He made me think of forever, of a family and happily ever after.

He never changed. He was a solid, supporting rock in the confusing storm of adolescence, and he was always there.

Always. Until he left and broke my heart.


Life after Camp NaNoWriMo

It’s been around half a month since Camp NaNoWriMo ended, and quite a lot has happened.

After 7 years of writing on it, and most of the work done during NaNoWriMo 2015 and last month’s Camp, I’ve finally managed to finish Second Chances. At 44,444 words, it’s my longest story yet, and I figure that after several edits, it’ll be even longer. But for now, I’m very happy about it and I’ll let it sit for a while before I begin to work on edits.

I’m still considering which story to work on during Camp in July (you can read more about the two stories here) as I’ve figured out some of the biggest plotholes I’ve had for Endless Love. Meanwhile, I feel a little worried and daunted about Forever Is Not Long Enough, what with the (possibly fictional) supernatural world and all the worldbuilding that entails. I’m hopeful, though, that I’ll figure something out in time. After all, there’s still a month and a half left! 🙂

One thing I regret is that I haven’t stuck to my plan on writing daily. Since writing “the end” for Second Chances – and even before that, actually! – I haven’t written much at all. The only thing that makes it better is that instead, I’ve been reading much more than before. I’m spending all my weekends and every free minute I have on week days with a book, and managed to read five (!) in the first week of May when I took two days off to have myself a long weekend. Granted, it’s not what I’d planned on doing, but I figure I should do something about the millions of e-books that I have, not to mention the fact that I haven’t read half the books on my bookshelf yet.

So that’s what’s been up with me, writing and reading-wise, so far. I’m not sure you’d want to know what happens in my personal life, haha.

Hope this month’s been going well for all of you!